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Beginning spinners often ask for a good practice wool. The domestic wools listed here are perfect for your first efforts. They are well prepared and reasonably priced – two important considerations.

Too many beginners make the mistake of trying to learn on an inferior product, and blame themselves when their yarn turns out badly. When you’ve mastered the basics try your hand at Wensleydale, mohair, some of the luxury fibers or the Merinos listed under felt.


Domestic Wools


Corriedale X Top:  $1.20/oz


Great value in a basic wool.  Good for beginners or anyone who is looking for a medium grade fiber. Beautiful hand, natural ecru color.


Blue Faced Leicester: ecru $2.20/oz


A lovely medium grade wool.  BFL has wonderful loft and a nice luster.  Suitable for garments, and a nice choice for beginning to intermediate spinners.


Natural Brown Wool: $16/lb


Nice natural color, medium grade wool. 



Fawn Shetland Wool:  $1.56/oz


Lovely, soft wool and a beautiful natural light brown color


Luxury Fibers



Merino/Yak/Silk:  $4.25/oz

60% Merino/20% Tibetan Yak and 20% cultivated silk


Yak Top$5.00/oz

100% Tibetan Yak in natural brown.


Cashgora/Silk:  $6.15/oz

A lovely medium grade wool.  BFL has wonderful loft and a nice luster.  Suitable for garments, and a nice choice for beginning to intermediate spinners.


Merino/Cashmere/Silk:  $6.75/oz

A fabulous blend of 60% merino/20% cashmere and 20% cultivated silk.


Superwash Merino/silk/Nylon/Silver Poly


A very soft and subtly sparkly blend of wool, silk and nylon with a fine silver filament blended in for a touch of glitter




Young Mohair Top: $26/lb

Did you know Texas produces more mohair than any other state? This ready-to-spin fiber is from young adult angora goats. Spins into soft, lofty yarn with a beautiful sheen. This mohair is gorgeous as is or dyed.




Romney Top - $16/lb


Long a staple of the United States textile industry, this top is perfect for needle felting.  It is a natural, white, semi-lustrous top with a fiber count of 48.

(Needle felting starter sets available on the products page.)




Hand Painted BFL from Abstract Fiber- $21 /4oz

A wonderful, soft fiber in stunning colorways.  A great fiber for beginners and experienced spinners alike.


Bandon Bonfire Crater Lake Gaston Kaliki Poppies
Snapdragon Tulips Burnside Peacock Shady Glade Cosmopolitan
Indian Summer          


Wensleydale: Natural - $26/lb

Can you imagine a sheep with dreadlocks? If so, you can picture this protected British breed. It’s a long staple wool with beautiful luster. Makes amazing felt too!




Mauch Chunky Roving - $6.50 / 4 oz. package

Mauch Chunky Roving, a custom blended 100% Wool, is suitable for needle felting or for spinning. A wonderful vivid variety of Mauch Chunky solids, heather & melanges are available. This fiber construction offers the opportunity to add unique textures & tone-on-tone effects through color.

  Apricot Bing Cherry Blue Raspberry Butternut Huckleberry Plum
  Juju Fruit Kiwi Raspberry Spice Strawberry Indigo
  Black Water Chestnut Lilac Iris Butterscotch Blue Lagoon


Northern Lights - $3.15/oz

A spaced dyed, 100% wool top, printed in multi colors with a repeating pattern. Spinning this fiber gives a wonderfully colored yarn. Also suitable for wet felting and needlefelt projects.

Deep Jungle Icy Winter