Lynn's Texas Fiber
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Fibertrend Patterns - $5 each

Personal Touch Hat

Felt hats in worsted weight.
2 sizes, adult & child.
Decorate to suit your style.


Jester Hats

Fun hats for "Kids" of all ages. Instructions for both plain knit and felt styles.


Felt Hat with Brim Variations

Fast and easy.
2 strands of yarn. Size 11 needle.


Felt Berets

Knit in single strand worsted weight wool. Two band styles and several finishing ideas.


Crocheted Felt Hats

Much like the above pattern, but crocheted with a size K hook.


Crocheted Crusher Hat

Versatile. packable hats in double strand yarn crocheted with a size H hook.



Snow Country Felt Mittens

Three sizes. Double strand.
Size 11 needle.


Felt Ballerina Slippers

Women's and children's sizes. Worsted weight.
Size 10-1/2 needle.


Felt Baby Booties

Worsted weight. 3 infant sizes.


Family Classic Felt Slippers

Very fast and easy. Double yarn.
Size 13 needle.


Felt Pouches and Belt Bag

Three sizes. Double strand.
Size 11 needle.


Felt Purses and Shoulder Bags

Women's and children's sizes. Worsted weight.
Size 10-1/2 needle.


Child's Felt Jacket

Classic style jacket for boys and girls. Worsted wool.
Size 10-1/2 needle.


Felt Christmas Stockings

Knit in worsted weight wool. Classic stripe or sheep design.


Felt Alpacas and Llamas

Make these new animals in worsted or bulky weight.


Henrietta and Family

Stuffed softly, Henrietta makes a very good friend. With some weight added to her stuffing, she can be used as a door stop.

Worsted weight.
Size 10-1/2 needles.


A Felt Flock

Sheep to knit and felt in worsted or bulky weight.


Felt Koala

Knit and felt a cuddly friend.


The Marigold Bears

Larger felt bears with their clothes attached. Includes "bear size" felt hat pattern.

Worsted weight.
Size 10-1/2 needle.


Baby Bears

Little felt teddy bears and a felt hat in just their size. Birth announcement in each pattern. Worsted weight.

Size 10 or 10-1/2 needle.


Playful Penguins

You don't have to go to Antarctica to play with penguins when you have a few of these little guys around.


Nuts About Squirrels

Feeling like some nutty company? What could be better than a squirrel or two.


Here Kitty, Kitty

Welcome a new kitty into your home. This felted feline promises never to get into your yarn. Knit in wool held along with a novelty "fur" yarn.



Felt Fido

Small shaggy dog is a fun reminder of the joy that canine companions bring to our lives. Change colors, ears and tail to customize your pup.