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Silk Fusion Gallery

Although I love to spin silk, lately I have been using tussah sliver to make silk fusion. Also known as silk paper, this is a flexible fabric created with fiber and acrylic fabric medium. It’s easy to make and extremely versatile. Below are some examples of my work with silk fusion.


Laurel Spiral

This wall hanging is approximately 32" x 32".  It is made of silk paper leaves machine stiched to hand painted silk organza.


Paper Flower

My friend Dee Dee Woodbury made this flower using silk paper for the petals, and traditional felt for the leaves.  Isn't it sweet!




Silk Paper Handbags

I enjoy making handbags.  They are a great way of experimenting with embellishment.  These bags show off the possibilities for painting, stamping and manipulating silk fusion.


Silk Organza Jacket


I made this jacket using a Vogue pattern designed for sheer fabrics.  It consists of silk paper spirals sandwiched between two layers of silk organza.  The paper is held in place by machine stitching.


Square Pegs in a Round Hole

This wall hanging is approximately 36" x 36".  It is made of small squares of silk paper.  (See detail to the right.)